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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What The Devil Wants You To Know About Planet Mars

About two months ago, NASA came forward and said that they found two tablets of stone on planet Mars and these had inscriptions carved on them. They claimed that Martians were trying to communicate with planet Earth and that God was there on Mars with the 'creatures' there.  Initially I was under the impression that if NASA said it was so and they had proof, then it may be possible but unfortunately, up to now, I do not think NASA had exhibited those 'evidences' and their claims may just be another story they had fabricated.

The Lord Jesus had warned us through the gospels that before His return there will be false teachers and deceivers and the greatest deceiver, the Anti-Christ, will show himself in the Tribulation and lead many astray. I watched this two-part discussion on Prophecy In The News program where Doug Woodward talks about the research he had done and the conclusions he had made.

The Red Planet (Part One)

The Red Plannet (Part Two)

I agree with what he said and would like to state here and now that the time is really running short and just so that you, the reader, know that one day all the Christians (those who believed that Jesus Christ came in the flesh and died on the Cross for our salvation and to reconcile us back to God the Father) will be caught up into the heavens and the world will not see them again. When that happens and should you still be on this planet, please know for a sure fact that the Christians were not abducted by Martians or aliens but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself had come for His children (that is what Christians are called in the scriptures) and that those who remain will have to go through seven years of what is called the Tribulation Period. During those seven years, many horrible things will happen and there will be much death occurring right before their eyes.

So, let this be an invitation to you the reader. If you do not want to be left behind but want to be on the same 'bus' as all the Christians, then I urge you to put your faith in Jesus and receive Him into your heart as your own personal Lord and Savior. The decision is a personal one and only you can make that decision for yourself; neither your parents nor your friends nor your spouse nor your own children can make that choice for you.

Please go to the bottom of this blogspot page and say aloud the prayer to invite Jesus into your heart. Once you have done that, you are already a child of Jesus Christ. The step of faith is very simple but the decision has to be made. I pray you will receive Jesus into your heart right now (if you are still hesitating) as the stop watch had already start ticking and the catching up of the Church (or commonly called the Rapture) will occur within the next one to two years; we are that close now.