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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Another Sign Of Messiah To The Jews

The rabbinical community is getting very excited recently as sign upon sign they had been waiting for are slowly appearing right before their eyes and they are now convinced that the Messiah they had been waiting for for millenniums are coming very shortly.

Of course, we as Christians know that the Messiah had indeed already come in the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth two thousand years ago and that He had died for our sins so that those who received Him into their hearts will be saved.

In fact we have a good picture of what is to happen in the life of Joseph, the son of Jacob (Israel as God had changed his name after the wrestle at Bethel).  Joseph was rejected by his ten brothers and sold into Egypt where, with the help of God, he rose to become the prime minister of Egypt and saved the nation from famine and starvation.

During the second year of the famine, his ten brothers came to Egypt to buy food for their families back home in Canaan but there could not recognise him because who would believe that the person whom they had sold off as a slave in Egypt would have survived the hardship leave alone be the second most powerful man in the nation.  And so Joseph, after giving (he told his servants to plant their money bags back into the sacks of grain) them the grain and keeping one of the ten brothers, Simeon (which is Hebrew for 'hearing'), sent them home to their families.

Now many months later when the grains ran out they contemplated returning to Egypt to purchase more grains, they returned with their youngest half-brother Benjamin so that they could redeem Simeon from the dungeons of Egypt. And it was during this second meeting that Joseph decided to reveal himself to his brothers and be reconciled with them.

When Jesus came two thousand years ago, the Jews rejected Him and so the blessings went to the Church instead and now He will be returning for His own people, the Jews.  The scales of the Jews are slowing but surely falling off. Many in Israel are now hearing the good news of salvation with their own ears and are responding.  At the second visit, Joseph's brothers were able to redeem Simeon (which means 'hearing' in Hebrew) and the family became complete. Likewise, Israel is hearing the news of their Messiah and seeing events taking shape right before their eyes.

It will not be long before His feet physically touch the ground in Jerusalem and His beloved family (the Hebrews) will be able to see Him clearly. But before that happens, the Church will be taken away to be with Him in Heaven for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God.

Come, Lord, Maranatha!